Five Benefits Of Meditating As Soon As You Wake Up

large_e49391540e5a8cc2ce4dc6a4719b8c9fI’ve been meditating for 48 years and because I’ve been teaching meditation for nearly that long I have had occasion to meditate during practically ever time of the day and night depending on when my class is. For my personal practice I meditate first thing in the morning right after I wake up. After about 10 minutes of personal preparation I am ready to begin my meditation. Right after meditation and as an extension of the meditation I do yoga, tai chi, weights and cardio such as hiking or biking. The benefits of doing meditation and/or meditation based movement first thing in the morning are striking. Generally, it sets the tone for the rest of the day because there is a spill over effect that lasts throughout the entire day. There are many documented benefits to meditation and the idea of those benefits continuing throughout the day is very compelling. Let’s look at some of those benefits that allow us to create the kind of day we want.

1. Energy. Meditation releases endorphins which are not only a good source of energy but a good source of “feel good” energy. The endorphins also put us in a good mood which helps us to be happy and effective in our relationships. Meditation also puts us into a relaxed state which allows for the flow of natural energy. Energy prepares us for the experiences of the day.

2. Focus. We know that meditation increases our ability the focus and pay attention. Regardless of what we do during the day it will be enhanced by our ability to pay attention, see the big picture and the details as well. This is a big part of becoming a clear thinker. This focus will carry us throughout the day.

3. Peak Performance/In The Zone. If we combine the first two benefits of energy and focus we will be entering the experience of “the flow”. Most of us are familiar with this experience in one way or another. To be able to sustain this to a good degree for the entire day is very beneficial. It is characterized by a sense of ease combined with a sense of efficiency and connectedness.

4. Productive. If you combine the first three benefits of energy, focus and the “flow” we will find that we are being more productive than ever with less stress. However we define production, we will have more of it and sustained throughout the day. We will feel good about it and those around you will too.

5. Excellent decision making ability. As a result of the previous 4 benefits we will be more connected to ourselves and the world around us allowing for us to see the big picture, gather information and consequently make decisions that benefit the health and wellness of ourselves and those around us. We will carry this empathy and compassion throughout the day and be seen as a true leader, one who leads by example.

These are the five big picture reasons for starting the day with meditation. There are many more secondary reasons but we can look at these as being “the well from which the water flows”.

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