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  • Frustrated about dealing with health issues and medications that can’t seem to fix them? 
  • Is being stressed out taking a toll on your relationships?


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      The Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction and Relaxation Program (MBSR) was pioneered by Jon Kabat Zinn, PhD at the University of Massachusetts Medical Center’s Center for Mindfulness over 35 years ago. Since then over 2000 studies have been published worldwide attesting to the effectiveness of the program. The effects of stress can be felt physically, mentally and emotionally and the studies delve into all of these categories and more. We define mindfulness as paying attention moment by moment on purpose and without judgement.         

     The practice of mindfulness has been around for thousands of years and the far reaching  benefits have been attested to by practitioners over the centuries. Mindfulness can now be found in practically every segment of our lives including, but not limited to, healthcare, academics, the arts, sports, business and peak performance. It has spawned other related programs such as Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy(MBCT), Mindfulness Based Relapse Prevention Program for Depression, Mindful Eating Programs and Mindfulness in the Schools just to name a few.         

     Along with all the other benefits, as the practice of mindfulness unfolds in your life it can be recognized by a  sense of experiencing life more fully along with a deeper sense of peace, compassion and feeling of wellbeing. There is a renewed sense of being connected to yourself and the world around you….a renewed sense of curiosity, resilience and the adventure of life. So become a Phoenix mindfulness enthusiast, begin the adventure now!